For days I triedTo decideWhich part of you to write about firstCan one poem hold all of you?Can a thousand? Your essence is untouchableYou’re calm, funny, and trueYour long dark beardOr the height of your muscular masculine body isn’t what defines you(I want to press my small hands against you) Emerald greenAnd stormy sky blue(tingedContinue reading “Muse”

Your hands know me

They so rarely stutter across my thighs, as you drag your fingers like paint, every bit of me is coloured with you and your rooted musky scent. Your lips never have to search long, my brown skin will guide your way. Breathe me in, press me in, before my body leaves, astray. I  need youContinue reading “Your hands know me”

Love letter from B (1)

Alicia- I want you to have this so you know what you mean to me. I never would have been able to sincerely and honestly comprehend such passion before I met you. Thank you for teaching me to better feel, and for making me feel better. (From B written inside Pablo Neruda’s Twenty Love PoemsContinue reading “Love letter from B (1)”